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The bridge of Gretsi, Epirus Greece

After a long difficult journey that involved passing through narrow streets in small villages and dirt roads in the forest, we found this amazing remote place that time never touched it.

An old stone bridge built in 1830 in the river Gormos . The bridge was used by the farmers to cross the cliff and the waterfall to reach their farms and the watermill that existed in the area.

The place was like it came from a fairy tale. Completely untouched from time or tourism. Fields crossed by the small river , beautifully shaped by the water rocks, the waterfall and this amazing single arched bridge, I wish I could fit all this beauty in one picture but it was impossible.

I spent there a lot of hours and still I cannot believe what I saw there. Was it real or my imagination triggered by movies I like so much? I believe Rivendell could have a place like this.

It is one of these places that exist in the line between imaginary and reality.

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